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Free WebSite Services vs Custom Website Design Companies

Building a professional website to give your business residence online for the sake of promoting your enterprise is an essential necessity these days. Companies frequently make the mistake of spending a lot on advertising, and not enough on their websites, when both are priorities.

Web Site

Enticing visitors to go beyond your site’s homepage permits the beginning of a potential business relationship. Once you reach the decision to establish a web presence, you have two choices. Either you hire a custom website design firm or you tweak your pioneering spirit to do it yourself using one of the free or less pricey services available on the internet.

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If you learn well, are good at teaching yourself programs, and have the patience, then by all means, the free services might work for your website project. An added bonus would entail possessing savvy skills in the marketing department. On the other hand, if your time is focused on other tasks and imagining yourself cluelessly ensnared in beginner pseudo programming already feels like a nightmare, then a web design firm would be a helpful coach to guide you through the process with professional advice. Any reputable design company commands technical concepts in the vernacular, metaphorically, has a firm grasp of technical concepts and fluent expertise in areas such as target audience, color principles, fundamentals of design, and calls to action. If these terms befuddle you, and you have the resources to hire a firm, it might be in your company’s best interest to take this path.

The amount of money you are able to allot is an obvious constraint. Naturally, if you lack sufficient funds to invest in the project, then hiring a design firm is only going to work once your company obtains funding, and for the time being, one of the free services would be the sensible approach. A site created by a web design company could easily be priced into the thousands, often excluding the costs of a custom domain name and website hosting. Whereas other internet services are either free or at a minimal monthly cost, anywhere from less than $5 each month to a couple of hundred dollars each year.

Compelled by a lean wallet from the current economy to ask what these sites are? Sure, we have some recommendations for you. A caveat: you might not be able to take your site elsewhere. WeeblyGo DaddyYolaDevHub are among the services available on the internet allowing you to design, publish, and host your site using editors to spare you actual programming. Let us consider Yola. A free website grants you up to five sites, 1GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, up to 15MB file uploads. With a Weebly account, you are given two sites, unlimited pages, bandwidth, and storage, and a 5MB upload. The downside is you can’t upload multiple files simultaneously.

Most of these web services present a menu of choices and a palette that involves a drag and drop feature. You are allowed to design, save, edit, administer, as well as upload images, video clips, and audio clips. Some offer a wizard accessory to help guide. Users have found the sparse layouts, large ads on the website, and limited designs to be the cost in paying less, from their experiences in designing with a few of these services, although keep in mind that the less pleasing features are not present in every free service. Certain services might also take a sales cut from free accounts.

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Remember, you need a lot of patience to learn the software, and it helps if you previously acquired programming knowledge. You can’t be wrapped up in other activities if you want to focus on your web design project using one of these web services. Research each free service before you roll up your sleeves.

Should you decide having your site worked on by a web design firm is the sensible selection for your business, then we certainly encourage you to give Lform a call. Again, do your research before working with a reputable professional web design firm that provides unbeatable social media integration, a strong design aesthetic, and service guarantees.

A Guide to Usability for Web Design and More!

Usability is a simple concept, yet so powerful that it can derail even the most amazing product concepts and sleekest of designs if it’s not implemented well. Put very simply, usability is the ease with which a person can accomplish a given task with your product.


  1. Impression – On first being presented with the design, how quickly do users adapt to perform basic tasks?
  2. Ability – Once basic skills are learned, how quickly will a user become efficient?
  3. Comprehension – After interacting with the design and putting it down, will users retain the required skills the next time they encounter it?
  4. Error Rate – What kind of mistakes do users make and how easy are they to correct?
  5. Contentment – How satisfied are users with the design?

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Give a Caveman a Potato Peeler and a Yukon Gold

First, he feels the weight of the peeler, the curvature of the metal and the sharpness of its blade. It feels right in his hand. Next comes experimentation. He strikes the blade against the potato and then stabs it. He runs the blade across its skin and finally discovers an efficient way to remove it. Success!

Our caveman spends the next five minutes learning the best way to peel the potato, starting at first with small, jerky movements. Soon, he learns that long smooth strokes will get the job done quicker. He grabs another potato and starts peeling. This one only takes him half the time. 30 minutes later he’s peeled every potato in the village, taking an average of 45 seconds per spud.

Why was he able to wield a tool that he’d never used before so easily? Because a potato peeler has a high usability level.

What did that have to do with Web design?

Whatever the tool, be it a potato peeler, a hammer, an iPhone or a website, ultimately, the only thing that matters is how well it assists you in reaching your goal. Are you looking to convert views to sales? Do you want your website to be a trusted source of information or entertainment?

Highly Usable Sites

Take a look at a few examples of sites that take usability to the next level.


The largest video sharing website on the planet, from its effortless search system to rating, sharing, and embedding, YouTube has become synonymous with online video. My 70-year-old Mother in Law looks up recipes and my seven-year-old nephew searches for train videos. Neither are technologically adept and yet, with virtually no assistance, they can access a massive archive of information from their desktops more easily than if they had gone to the library.

Google is so usable that it has become a verb and was voted the most useful word of 2002 by the American Dialect Society. A model in minimalist design, its multicolor logo and instantly recognizable search bar have become the main portal through which much of the world accesses the Internet.

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This well-known brand presents a consumer-centric site, geared towards making it as simple as possible for their customers to find products that specifically relate to their interests. Multiple categories allow for a very directed search. In addition, the site is responsive so it functions perfectly no matter what screen size or device you view it on.

Usability in web design is not necessarily about the most aesthetically pleasing solution; form follows function. If your site has 20 beautiful widgets but fails to provide a simple way for users to interact with it.