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Guidelines To Optimize Readability Of Your Web Typography

Typography is a design element of great importance in the web world. Although it is not necessary for you to have thorough knowledge about typography, it is necessary that you take into account certain factors when working with web sources, for example, the popularization of mobile devices. Having basic knowledge of typography will help you create simple navigation websites, with a clear and easy to understand message for your users.
Although there are no rules in this regard and choosing typefaces is an art that you acquire with a lot of practice, what we can leave you with are some guidelines to follow to improve the readability of the typography you choose for your web designs.
Choose the right size
Placing your sources in an appropriate size is necessary to maintain the hierarchy and not affect the readability of the message you want to convey. If it is very large, there may be hierarchy problems and correct visual reading, on the other hand, if it is very small it does not allow easy reading and therefore can frustrate the readers. If your message is not easy to decipher, many customers will leave the site without even visiting the other sections. If illegible text is found in other sections of your site and not in the main one, they are also likely to leave the site, it all depends on the type of information they are looking for. So, it is not only important to write briefly and simply, but to choose a readable font and select a suitable size for it.
In general, the body of the text should have a score of 12 to 16 pixels. This standard measurement varies according to the font you choose, for example, a font may require smaller or larger measures depending on the case. You should also consider if that body of text serves as a support for the title, in such cases you are likely to require a higher size.
Consider the spaces between characters
Proper spacing between characters improves readability. Most fonts you use probably do not present this problem since typographers have the experience to achieve adequate spacing in their fonts. However, if you notice certain readability problems, maybe you could try increasing the spacing between characters. You could notice a considerable improvement.
It is also important to consider the space between each line of text. It must be appropriate according to the letter size. Usually, this space is 2 to 5 times larger than the font size. In programs such as Photoshop, this value is automatically associated, although it can be easily modified. If you notice that the default size associated with this spacing is not helping with readability, you can modify it when you want. There is no formula about it, it is a matter of careful observation and put yourself in the user’s position.
The hierarchy is also applied in the text
As a designer, you are already an expert in visual design. You know that the hierarchy helps to achieve correct visual reading, which is essential in every design. As you should know, there are many ways to achieve hierarchy, but in texts, it is much more common to highlight them by size. You can also choose a different font for the title, which is more visible and has thick sticks, preferably.
Another way to achieve hierarchy is through color or format. For example, if within your title you want to highlight a word, you can put it in italics, in bold or you can apply another color to the word you want to highlight. Whichever method you choose, make sure you keep it on the whole page, that is, if you decide to highlight a word in the title through the use of italics, it is advisable to apply this same rule for other words that you want to highlight on your website by app development company.
Make use of the grid
It is likely that when making the layout, you use an imaginary grid to determine the width of the columns and you can better structure each page of your website. This grid not only serves to determine column widths but can help you with the size of the menu bar, sliders, and even typography. Having a grid allows you to more accurately align all your elements, the included text. This, in turn, serves to be able to create an overall feeling and also to make the text more readable. A paragraph of text is much more readable if it is aligned.
As for the text paragraphs, you must also take into account the number of characters. It is not a matter of taking into account the different screens because, with the use of mobile devices, the sizes are quite varied. But the greater the number of characters the text line has, the more difficult it is to read fluently. The same happens if the line remains very small, it is a problem because the user has to scroll down to finish reading the message. It is assumed that the message should arrive quickly and should be simple to be understood immediately.
Select the appropriate color scheme
In this aspect, not only the color of the text comes into play but also the background color. The contrast between both colors should be obvious, however, you should avoid choosing very vibrant colors as it can be annoying for your visitors. Sometimes, colors are chosen that do not contrast very well and result in a readability problem. On other occasions, colors are chosen that do generate a good contrast and although it does not constitute a readability problem itself, users cannot be exposed to that combination of colors for a long time because their eyesight becomes more easily tired.