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Watch Samsung Unpacked 5 event live

Hi! Fellas Watch Samsungs unpacked5 event live Samsung is a giant in smart phone industry lets see what they have to unpack live now in #MWC 2014

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Transforming your Android Mobile into a Mighty beast

Well! for the past few years we have been accustomed to the era of smartphones, especially the evolution of android is really remarkable the main reason for such an revolution is because of the freedom to do what ever you like but none of its competitors offer this in the first place. Here we are try to make a flagship Phone with all the stuff we have  without spending a penny and wikitech is there to help you!!! Now coming back to Transformation process, Many manufacturers have their flagship or trademark features  for instance Sony’s Walkman Music player , iPhone’s iOS7 Control Center, Nexus 5 Launcher’s and LG G2 Lock screen. We will see how to port some of these features into your android mobile and to make it  a beast in all ways.   1.Sony Walkman Music player, Movies and Album. The Sony Walkman is one of the most loved music player in the history especially for the Mega Bass  Equalizer. The music player is very easy to use and it boasts lot of eye and ear pleasing stuffs with it. Sony have recently updated its Z 1 range with these new software and we have taken it modified it for usage without and discomforts. This is insanely one feature that drags music lovers to buy Sony devices for quite a long time. Requirements: Android: 4.2+ ( For 4.1 users available if you request me) Root Access: Not Required(no root) Installation tips: 1. Download the apk files from the link below 2.  Click and open with Package Installer ->Check the Install from unknown sources in setting( If you install apk outside from play store it will not mean you any harm) Links: Sony_Album_5.3.A.1.0.22.apk Sony_Movies_5.3.A.0.18.apk Sony_Walkman_8.1.A.0.3.apk     2. iPhone’s iOS7 Control Center iOS 7 was released last year...

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The Age Of New Automobile Engines

Everyone is driving a motor nowadays but the specs about them we don’t care about it . We look for economy and comfort rather than performance and technology involved in it . We are familiar with the basics of their mechanism but not about its recent advances involved in creating those marvels and make it available in our common road. We will look around what is cooking in major automobile manufacturers R&D lab and how it is going to help us. AUDI (Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt ) The German manufacturer and a leader in global market and who creates a dream for everyone to own an AUDI and makes them pride to be an owner. Audi Got the International Engine of the year  Award for 8 times. Now Lets see about the new technology introduced by them Cylinder on Demand. Cylinder on Demand The Cylinder on demand technology is introduced in Audi S8 a 4.0 liter TFSI V8 and it is faster than Audi R8 4.2 liter V8 in a quarter mile drag. Such power and even more cool technology. It operates in 8 cylinders when it needs power and it can switch to 4 cylinder mode when the power is not needed Cool isn’t it. Audi Claims that it will increase fuel efficiency and the driver can’t really identify whether it is in 8 cylinder or it is in 4 cylinder mode. It is equipped with 4 mics inside the cabin which will detect the noise and the speakers will play a noise which acts as a noise cancellation technology which means they don’t give a Clue to the driver or passenger about what is going on. Lets have a sneak peek on this tech with a visualisation This technology is said to come to Audi A1 , Audi...

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Computer Vision Introduction

Computer Vision is a major component of Artificial  intelligence which enables the machine, Computer or any device the ability to see the real world and interpret the information through the knowledge   the machine have learned or taught by Machine Learning. As the above its really simple since the progress of the Artificial  intelligence  from 1955 have made it possible. We can see how it is practically  Computer Vision is among us , face and smile detection in camera’s , automatic image stabilization , object recognition , pattern recognition and information extraction in all the day today life we use computer vision but we get amused  with the application than the technology so we are ignoring it. Lets see how DARPA  is using the computer vision to its extreme the outcome can be used to predict and make it a complete application  in the area of Artificial  intelligence. This video shows how a simple information is used to process the information more than we expect. Lets see what info can be extracted from this sample.   It is a group of some terrorists who were on the way somewhere in a motorcycle and we cant clearly identify them. But see how  DARPA   interprets this image. According to Gartner Computer Vision will have a bright future in the upcoming years since it is on the way in establishing itself  in all the commercial , marketing,retail and social sectors.   Major of the Leading Technology Contributors are in Computer Vision Based Commercial Projects since Augmented Reality and Computer Vision like: Google – SketchBots as a part of its web lab Intel –  AIM Suite Cisco Marvel – AR Comics Microsoft – Xbox many others were also in this tech game.   Now Lets Move on to the development Part how can we develop a Computer Vision Project. From the basis...

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Wiki About Wikitech

Every one would wonder what this blog is about , Its all about tech that includes web,api’s,mobile stuffs and a bit more about how artificial intelligence can be used and it can be developed. Since artificial intellgence came to a long ago and its the field which is still developing , The main task is how to make the machine to learn and make it a super hero!!. We will come across many tutorials and what does the real world expects from a techie and how he is now in all the aspects thats why its called as Wiki. Stay Tuned, Wikitech.

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Hello !!

This is Vignesh Dhamodaran a Geek fascinated  by technology and gadgets. Aspiring to achieve heights in Technology.

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