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Watch Samsung Unpacked 5 event live

Hi! Fellas Watch Samsungs unpacked5 event live Samsung is a giant in smart phone industry lets see what they have to unpack live now in #MWC 2014

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Transforming your Android Mobile into a Mighty beast

Well! for the past few years we have been accustomed to the era of smartphones, especially the evolution of android is really remarkable the main reason for such an revolution is because of the freedom to do what ever you like but none of its competitors offer this in...

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The Age Of New Automobile Engines

Everyone is driving a motor nowadays but the specs about them we don’t care about it . We look for economy and comfort rather than performance and technology involved in it . We are familiar with the basics of their mechanism but not about its recent advances involved in...

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Computer Vision Introduction

Computer Vision is a major component of Artificial  intelligence which enables the machine, Computer or any device the ability to see the real world and interpret the information through the knowledge   the machine have learned or taught by Machine Learning. As the above its really simple since the progress...

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Wiki About Wikitech

Every one would wonder what this blog is about , Its all about tech that includes web,api’s,mobile stuffs and a bit more about how artificial intelligence can be used and it can be developed. Since artificial intellgence came to a long ago and its the field which is still...

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Hello !!

This is Vignesh Dhamodaran a Geek fascinated  by technology and gadgets. Aspiring to achieve heights in Technology.

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